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Does a Porcelain Veneer Tooth with a Cavity Now Require a Crown?

I had a dental cleaning and x-ray two weeks ago. My dentist says there is a cavity behind the porcelain veneer on one of my teeth, and she says that a dental crown is my only option. How can that be? Is it possible to remove a veneer, treat the cavity, and put the veneer back on? Even if I need a new veneer, I prefer that to a crown. What are my options? Thank you. Macie from Reno, NV


Thank you for your question. Although Dr. Woolf would need to examine your x-ray and tooth, we can offer some suggestions to help you get the most conservative treatment possible.

Replacing a Porcelain Veneer with a Crown

When a dentist wants to replace a porcelain veneer with a crown, it is unlikely that the dental laboratory will give you a crown that is an exact color match with the rest of your teeth. Only advanced cosmetic dentists who partner with an expert lab can do this.

Cavity Size

The size of your cavity behind your porcelain veneer can influence which treatment options a dentist offers you. If the cavity is large and would require removing most of your tooth structure to get rid of the decay, a dental crown might be your only option. But more likely, your dentist lacks the training and equipment to remove the decay and use dental bonding to ensure a porcelain veneer will stay intact.

Avoid Replacing Your Veneer with a Crown

Tip of dental forceps holding a porcelain veneer
Porcelain veneer

If you want to keep a porcelain veneer on your decayed tooth, please do not leave the work to a family or general dentist. A cosmetic dentist with advanced training and an artistic eye understands how to preserve as much tooth structure as possible and bond your porcelain veneer back on or replace it with a new veneer.

How Can You Prevent a Cavity Behind Your Porcelain Veneer?

The area where the veneer meets your tooth is susceptible to decay. But limiting snacks throughout the day and diligently flossing around each tooth helps prevent cavities.

Schedule a consultation with an advanced cosmetic dentist to discuss your options for removing the cavity behind your veneer and restoring your tooth.

Best wishes.

Jerry Woolf, DDS, an accredited cosmetic dentist in Bakersville, CA, sponsors this post.