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Will I lose my front tooth if the crown won’t stay on?

I am afraid that I will lose my front tooth because the crown will not stay on. Ten years ago, I had a root canal and crown on the tooth. In 2019, my dentist replaced the crown, and it has come off five times. Should I find another dentist to recement or replace it? Thank you. Luz from NM


Thank you for your question. Dr. Woolf would need to examine your tooth and crown to determine why it keeps falling off but can provide general information on possible causes. And we will discuss how a cosmetic dentist might restore your tooth.

When a crown repeatedly comes off, the issue is often how your dentist prepared your crown. The cement or bonding material is unlikely the cause. And if preparation is the issue, you may need a new crown.

Keeping a Dental Crown on with Minimal Tooth Structure

If a small amount of tooth structure is left, a dentist can secure the crown with these steps:

  • Place a flexible fiberglass post deep into the tooth’s canal
  • Cement the post in place
  • Bond dental composite to the tooth and post
  • Shape the composite to resemble a natural tooth prepared for a crown
  • Attach the crown to the preparation

Although this technique can work, it requires enough tooth structure. If a front tooth is broken off to the gumline, it will not work. Twisting stresses on the post will loosen it and the dental crown. Instead, you may require extraction and dental implant.

Consult with a Cosmetic Dentist

Diagram of a dental implant in three phases - components, placement, and completion
Dental implant

We recommend scheduling an appointment with an advanced or accredited cosmetic dentist for x-rays and examination. The dentist will determine if your tooth is healthy and has enough structure left to replace the crown.


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