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My dentist doesn’t know how to bond my crown

Man holding his mouth with a dental emergencyI got two new crowns in June, and one of them has fallen off four times. My dentist doesn’t know how to bond crowns. He didn’t say that, but the results make it obvious. The last time it fell off, I was in Kansas visiting my father. My tooth was very sensitive to cold because the crown fell off, so I went to an urgent care place that my Dad recommended. I waited for three hours, and they didn’t do anything but tell me to see a dentist. I found some temporary bonding stuff and put the crown back on. I basically lived on lukewarm soup for the next three days until I got back home. I called my dentist’s office, and they saw me right away. My dentist bonded the crown back on, but I asked how he would make sure this didn’t happen again. He offered to remake the crown. When I returned to the office, he said he needed to reshape the tooth and add posts. And the billing coordinator told me that I would have a $325 fee. So now, I am wearing a temporary crown and trying to figure out what to do other than return to my dentist and pay him $325. So far, the temporary crown is staying on. How long do I have to find another dentist before I lose my tooth? – Thank you. Logan from UT

Hi Logan,

Thank you for choosing our office for your question. We are sorry that you’ve had such a traumatic experience. Your experience with going to an urgent care facility for a dental emergency is common. Hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities do not have the tools and materials for treating dental emergencies. Our post, Where Should I Go for a Dental Emergency?, covers the topic in detail.

Although losing a crown is a dental emergency, it is best to wait until you can see a dentist. Dr. Woolf would need to examine your tooth and its condition. But we can tell you what you can do to find a reliable dentist and get a refund from your current dentist.

Why Does Your Dental Crown Fall Off?

A dental crown can fall off because a dentist over-prepared your tooth by shaving it too much so the crown will not stay attached. Or, your dentist might not understand how to bond crowns. In either case, if a dental crown repeatedly falls us, you need a second opinion.

Getting a Refund

You can contact your dentist and explain that you did not receive what you initially paid for—a functioning dental crown. Your dentist should recognize his responsibility to reimburse you for what you did not receive. If your dentist does not cooperate, you can do the following:

  • Report the issue to your dental insurance company, if applicable
  • Report the problem to the state dental board
  • Write negative online reviews
  • Consult with a medical/dental malpractice attorney

Switching Dentists for a New Crown

Although any trained dentist should know how to prepare your tooth and bond a crown to it, we recommend that you find an accredited cosmetic dentist. You can avoid another negative experience and save yourself time and aggravation.


Jerry Woolf, DDS, an accredited cosmetic dentist in Bakersfield, CA, sponsors this post.