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Braces or dental implants for permanent teeth that won’t erupt?

Neither of my top permanent canine teeth erupted. I still have my baby teeth. A dentist removed my lower canine teeth to help the permanent ones come in, but they are not in line with my other teeth. My former pediatric dentist recommended seeing an orthodontist, but our family could not afford it at the time. Now I am 26 years old and very self-conscious about the small teeth when I smile. My current dentist recommends removing the small teeth and replacing them with implants. I don’t know if I should see an orthodontist like my pediatric dentist recommended years ago or get dental implants. Does it matter? Thank you. Nabil from NV



Young adult man covering his mouth - for info on permanent teeth that don't erupt from Bakersfield CA Woolf DentalThank you for choosing our office for your question.

If you still have primary canine teeth as an adult, your permanent canine teeth may be impacted. If your dentist took x-rays, they show if you have permanent teeth and their location.

Permanent Teeth That Do Not Erupt

When permanent teeth do not erupt, an orthodontist can help release them and use braces to guide them into the correct position.

  • Make a surgical opening to expose the tooth
  • Attach a bracket to the tooth if needed
  • Use braces, if needed, to help the tooth erupt and guide it into position

If your teeth are crowded or there is not enough room for the permanent tooth to erupt, an orthodontist may remove another tooth. When canines do not emerge, removing the first molar can make room for it. Braces will straighten and position the remaining teeth.

Permanent Teeth That Never Form

Sometimes, permanent teeth never form, but it usually applies to lateral incisors, lower premolars, and wisdom teeth. It is rare for canine teeth not to develop.

Dental Implants for Impacted Permanent Teeth

Although you can agree to removing your impacted permanent teeth and replacing them with dental implants, it may not be necessary. Why remove impacted teeth if an orthodontist can release them and help them erupt? Unless the teeth are unhealthy or malformed, you should not need to replace them with implants.

Schedule a Consultation with an Orthodontist

Your former pediatric dentist’s suggestion was appropriate. We recommend that you schedule a consultation with an orthodontist and then agree to x-rays and an exam. The orthodontist will explain the condition of your canine teeth and if they can do anything to save them and help them erupt.

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